Though it’s all the rage to be vegan right now, there are many of us who still completely ADORE meat. Which is why we’ve put together the top 10 delicious meat restaurants you absolutely have to try.

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10. Buffalo & Rye

Remember homemade? Get homemade style food without even lifting a finger at Buffalo & Rye. They source top quality meats from Aubrey Allen butchers which they smoke, grill, slow cook or fry to create delicious and flavoursome dishes. Buffalo & Rye make as much of their food as they can in-house so you always know you are getting a dish made with passion and integrity.

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9. Rose Villa Tavern

Head chef Tom is proud to be serving great quality homemade food from his American diner style menu. Buffalo chicken wings, gourmet dogs, stacked burgers – all the classics, cooked to the perfection! GET IN MY BELLY.

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8. Indico Street Kitchen

There is no one way to eat meat, but curry and tandoori chicken is a pretty good way to start. Head to Indico Street Kitchen, a multi-award-winning Indian street food restaurant with a cocktail bar, to get a taste of the real India and discover the culinary joys of subcontinent!

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7. The Canal House

The Canal House isn’t just a fun place to go for a drink, but they also serve delicious burgers, hanging kebabs and steak. That’s all you need to know, just try it. They also serve delicious meats cooked low-and-slow in their own juices for unrivalled flavour. All paired with a vibrant, homemade dipping sauce and properly seasoned chips. Need I say more?

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6. Don Diego

Don Diego is a family run restaurant in Edgbaston’s Chad Square, serving up delicious, hearty European food, with a slight Spanish twist. From Beef Casserole to Duroc Suckling Pork Belly, to Lamb Shank, to Butterfly Breaded Chicken Breast this place has got all meat-lovers covered. Don Diego is intimate, cosy, and is one of Birmingham’s hidden gems you need to discover.

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PERIOS is all about good food! Enjoy high-quality Tex-Mex grill food with a variety of flavours to appeal to all taste buds. Handmade American burgers, freshly grilled chicken, 100% Aberdeen Angus beef, delicious Mexican tacos and burritos, fresh salads and much more.

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4. The Jailbird

You’ve got to try Birmingham’s only New York seafood & steak restaurant and cocktail lounge. Be your best meat-loving self in the stylish, vibrant and cosmopolitan surrounding.

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3. The Old Crown

Ok, so the absolute must-haves here are the burgers and the sandwiches. Stuff yourself silly with an OC Burger- Beef patty, drippy cheese, lettuce, tomato & onion comes with chips and slaw or try an OC Deli Sandwich- Three cured meats, Manchego cheese, hot mustard, blush tomatoes, lettuces & Mrs Elwood Dill pickle. Just trust me on this one.

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2. Fiesta Del Asado

If you like steak then Fiesta Del Asado will not disappoint. Try Birmingham’s first Argentine restaurant, providing the most fun and fiery dining experience this side of Buenos Aires.

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1. Gusto

And finally, you’ve got to try Gusto Restaurant and Bar. Gusto is all about making the most out of life. The classic and contemporary Italian menu takes fresh, carefully selected, simple ingredients to create the best tasting food around. They have so many delicious meats for you to tingle your taste buds with. Yaaas.

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